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At Morgans Motor Vehicles we have some of the best automotive and mechanical equipment and we are able to undertake the following:

Interim Servicing:
Oil and filter change
Check car coolant (water)
brake and power steering fluid if required
checks for worn tyres
faulty lights and leaking hoses.

Full Services:
Oil and filter change
New air filter
New fuel filter (diesel engines)
New spark plugs (petrol engines)
Extensive checks for leaks, wear and damage, including steering system and driveshaft
Removal of wheels and brakes checked
Wheel bearings checked for excessive play (wear)
Brake cylinders, pipes and hoses checked for leaks or damage
Suspension checked for wear or damage
Clutch operation checked (manuals)
Handbrake operation checked and adjusted if necessary
Brake fluid tested and replaced if necessary
Reset service light
Tyres checked for wear, damage and signs of misalignment
Exhaust system checked for corrosion, damage or leaks

Air Conditioning Re gas:
Recover refrigerant
Pressure test system
Vacuum A/C system
Regas with refrigerant
inc UV dye & oil as req
System test

MOT's arranged

Competitively priced tyres fitted

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